The Rosis table…from ESCHO. I mean really, how can you dislike this.  A coffee table with a planter in the center, absolute genius.  ESCHO is inventing some crazy new products along with this one using DuPont Corain. A highly durable material, meaning this could be used indoor or out. Picturing a smoke room with this as the coffee table and a couple potent flowers in the center…yeah.  



Im riding in this.  A new concept RV put together by a couple graduate students from Austria.

Its geometric shapes let it develop into an interior where otherwise odd nooks contain everything from seating and countertop spaces to bunk beds. Basically, it was designed for use even though it looks super dope.  The Mehrzeller, when released, will be customized to fit your needs such as space, colors, etc.  I need to get to Europe, as soon as possible…their design is killer.  Note: I’m surprised Kid Cudi or some hipster rappers aren’t touring with this thing.


If your as tired as I am of those old power strips, a few recent graduates teamed up with the Royal College of Art and BASF to upgrade you in a major way.  Georges Moanack produced the green and white series that are sold separately so you can put together your own strip that suits you, also available in other colors.  Phillip Scholz created the  genius, broom style power strip.  I need this one….bad.  Although these guys are overseas, both have USA versions available. No price, but I’d have your checkbook ready.


Unfortunately, Im a smoker….but to make up for my lame habit, Porsche Design dropped this sick line of lighters. If your not up on the this company, you should be. The stuff they did with Adidas was dope. They now offer everything from leather jackets to cell phones, even a speedboat.  The PD5 along with 5 other models available at LightersX, $147.