Check out these ornaments…Hah.  I need a few on my tree.  Although they look violent, when you buy the Grenade decoration you’ll be making a contribution to Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s fight against global conflict. Ctrl.Alt.Shift is an experimental initiative, a new generation of individuals striving for social justice and global change. Using creative media such as photography, film, stories, illustrations and music, it aims to give a voice to the silent majority. The Grenade decoration is available at SUCK UK, $32.




Patta, the freshest shop in Amsterdam, has teamed up with Nike once again for their 4th collaboration.  This one to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the store…these gum bottoms are tough. If you ever get over to Amsterdam make sure you go through here in between your sessions.  For now, you can cop them at Patta’s website tomorrow at noon.  Im guessing $180.


In case your as late as I am, I figured I’d give you a couple things to scoop up for the 25th….

The Gourmet Quadici:

I fell in love with these from the moment I saw them.  I’ve noticed a lot of duck boots running around lately, Gourmet nailed it on the head.  It seems to be a hybrid between some Air Max’s and simple workstyle rainboots…after all Gourmet is known for its almost copycat, but one-upped style of Jordan’s. In the corner is a sneak peek of the spring color way, in case you missed these…Grab ’em next time around.  

Still Available at Pick Your Shoes $180

Wesc : The Botvid Jacket

The street fashion brand for intellectual slackers are at it again with this sick quilted nylon jacket.  This Ultramarine Green was my favorite color, paired with the Gourmet Quadici’s you’ll fly in any weather, no Birdman.  Also available in Black and Ligonberry.

On sale at Karmaloop for $49, elsewhere $120

The TUF Muska Skytop:

Supra is one  of my…if not my favorite shoe company at the moment.  The Muska Skytop’s are super comfortable, look unbelievable, and are the first shoes that won’t accept that wack stain your jeans want to leave. Now, Supra is catering to your wintertime needs with the TUF series.  Normal suede lasts 25 to 40 cycles before abrading, these get you 200.

Also available in Black, Karmaloop $120 and well worth it.

Obey The Editor Jacket…

I’ve been a big fan of Obey for some time now.  Always classic, but with a twist.  All of their jackets this season are as usual, on point…I liked this one though.  Check out the Obey Store for more. The Editor Jacket will run you $128.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Print Umbrella

Since I moved to New York City, I realized a good umbrella is a necessity. I went with this one from Marc Jacobs because of my art junkie side, and if closes up into almost nothing.  
Nordstrom $58